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Santillana Professional Development


Santillana Professional Development

Santillana PD offers high-quality, research-based professional development opportunities. We know that every district has unique professional development needs, and we work closely with school districts to provide customized sessions to meet the needs of educators and their students.

“The AATSP is extremely proud of its partnership with Santillana USA to provide professional development opportunities for Spanish instructors at all levels. As a result of our joint venture, teachers are able to participate in low-cost, high-quality workshops, seminars, and webinars, offered within traditional conference venues as well as online. Together the AATSP and Santillana USA hope to expand language and cultural proficiency, upgrade pedagogical skills, and advocate for long-sequence, well-articulated, content-driven Spanish programs.”

—Emily Spinelli

Executive Director, American Association of

Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP)

Spanish as a world language and Spanish for Native Speakers Sessions

ESL/ELD, Bilingual, and Dual-Language Sessions

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