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ESL - ELD / Intervention


ESL - ELD / Intervention


Santillana USA’s ESL/ELD programs are standards based, student centered, and content focused, promoting English language acquisition and literacy. From Summer School and after-school programs, to year-long intervention, our resources support teachers and English Language Learners throughout the language acquisition process.

“Spotlight on English introduces and reinforces new concepts, while also increasing vocabulary. It also exposes students to grade level academic vocabulary and provides models of Standard English. One thing that many teachers have found very beneficial is the lessons provide strategies and activities that help differentiate for the proficiency levels. Another aspect that many teachers appreciate is the activities in the following four domains to increase proficiency: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. One of my favorite aspects is the Pre-test/Post-test, which provide data that shows student growth…and aligns with Common Core Standards and WIDA standards.”

—Cassandra Zidrich

Second Grade Bilingual Teacher

Peoria Public Schools

Spotlight on English Guided Reading Library K–6

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