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Dual-Language and Spanish Content Area


Dual-Language and Spanish Content Area


At Santillana USA we understand the unique needs of every language learner. Our Spanish Language Arts programs and informational and literary science and social studies series have been specifically designed for heritage and native speakers. Our instructional materials promote biliteracy and bilingualism and encourage students to explore their Spanish heritage and discover the best of Hispanic American literature.

“For the past 10 years, Santillana USA has been an integral part in making Dual Language programs in the region a success. The authenticity of the Spanish material provides classrooms not only with exposure to an enriched vocabulary but it brings culturally relevant topics that students from all over the world can connect with personally. As a consultant that works with districts implementing bilingual programs, I have seen first-hand how much the students love reading books independently from the children’s collection and how much teachers enjoy having a variety of Spanish books and poems to enhance classroom lessons. Thank you for all you do for our students and the development of their Spanish language.”

—Myrna Reyna


Bilingual/ESL Consultant

Region 10 ESC
Castle Dale

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