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About Us

Santillana USA…serving U.S. teachers and students for over forty years

As part of the largest Spanish language educational publisher in the world, Santillana USA is committed to K–12 Spanish language education, exclusively.

With forty-five years of experience publishing language education resources for U.S. students, Santillana’s commitment to the educational community goes beyond creating quality instructional materials. We publish award-winning children’s and young adult books and specialize in developing professional development resources and workshops, providing quality materials endorsed by the most prestigious Spanish language educational institutions.

As experts in Spanish curriculum and the development of teacher and student resources and technology, we’ve also created ongoing partnerships with well-established organizations that share our passion for language education, such as the American Association for Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, the American Council for Teaching Foreign Language, and the Center for Applied Linguistics, among others.

Santillana USA…Leading the way in Spanish Language Education in the U.S.

Santillana understands the unique needs of every Spanish language learner in the U.S.: world language learners, heritage learners, and native speakers. As part of the largest Spanish publisher worldwide, we have access to a vast amount of authentic resources, which are key to the development of Santillana’s culturally and linguistically authentic instructional materials.

Santillana USA is the only publisher in the U.S. that offers fully articulated K–12 Spanish as a world language programs that seamlessly integrate language and culture, providing a truly authentic learning experience. We’re also the only publisher in the U.S. that also offers fully articulated K–12 Spanish Language Arts programs. These programs are designed specifically for native speakers, teaching Spanish language and literacy in a linguistically authentic and culturally sensitive manner.

From authentic and classic literature titles to translations of English-language children’s literature classics and bestselling, award-winning titles, our K–12 Spanish language literature collection is unmatched. We offer a wide range of culturally rich titles from an array of authors from Spanish-speaking countries.

Educational technologies are transforming education. While we develop award-winning technology solutions for teachers to facilitate instruction and make classroom management easier; and create engaging online resources for students to learn at school and home, our commitment continues to be the development of quality, culturally authentic Spanish curriculum, books, and resources, in print and online format.

Grupo Santillana…Worldwide

Santillana USA is part of Grupo Santillana. Our international ties to Santillana sister offices worldwide provide access to a vast amount of authentic resources, key to the development of Santillana’s culturally and linguistically authentic instructional material.

With a presence in twenty-two countries in Europe and America, Grupo Santillana is the leading textbook and trade book publisher in Spain and Latin America and paves the way for international collaboration with educational seminars and debate forums in Spain and in Latin America, book donations to schools and non-profit organizations, and co-publishing with the Smithsonian Institution and UNICEF. We are the largest and most successful Spanish language publisher in the world, surpassing all other publishers, with 80% penetration in the educational market worldwide.

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